The projects of WOL are carried out by the Association Développement Sans Frontière (DSF). DSF has its office in Ouahigouya, the capital of the province Yatenga in northern Burkina Faso.

The most important goals of DSF are:

  • reducing the ignorance and illiteracy
  • removing barriers that impede access to education
  • expanding educational opportunities
  • quality of existing education
  • development of new educational opportunities that are better adapted to the development needs of the population
    improve economic development through education, and improve living conditions of the population

DSF is an association with a board of five persons. The board meets monthly to discuss current affairs. Once every 3 months, representatives of workgroups come together to evaluate the implementation of the activities, and adjust if necessary. The General Assembly (General Assembly) is the highest authority. The committee meets once a year or as often as necessary. The members represent small organizations, such as a parent committee, a village school, a group of women from a village, a group of school teachers, etc.

DSF is a non-denominational, apolitical organization. The board and members of DSF are convinced that education is the way to sustainable poverty reduction, development and peace. The members of DSF want to be an example of a peaceful and harmonious collaboration, regardless of a person’s ethnic origin, religion or social position. The vision of DSF and methods are based on international treaties of the United Nations on human rights, the rights of children, women and disability rights.

Name:Association Développement Sans Frontière (DSF)
Correspondence Address:BP 152, Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
Telephone:(00226) 40 55 43 46
Contact:Dhr. Salifou Sodré