Student Sponsor Program

Leerlingen op Zoodo

For many village children in Burkina Faso the primary school is also the end of their education. In rural areas there are no secondary schools and furher more the parents are too poor to pay for further education for their child. Only 28% of children in Burkina go to secondary education, the lack of trained people is a major barrier to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

In the Student Sponsor Program, village children who otherwise are not able to continu education can go to school in the city. They are financially supported by “adoptive parents” in the Netherlands. The adoptive parents promise to support the child for at least four years. The number of years a child can participate in the project depends on the progress and the kind of education. The duration of college is four years. If the results are good they can go to highschool, this is a further three years. Vocational training lasts for three years, after which the youngster will be given a small amount of money to start their own enterprise.

In Burkina there is almost no student who did not double a class before graduation from, this  equally applies to our children. Young people in our project, who double a class too often, may receive vocational training. We also have young people who opt directly for vocational.

School year 2011-2012: 52 youngsters are in this project. Almost all those pupils follow their education at our own educational complex Zoodo. A single one is at a college in another city. The project has been running since 2002, some of the students have gone on to university or started their own private business. Of course we are very proud with these results!

Would you support a child for secondary school, or to learn a trade? Subscribe to the school adoption project. Adoptive parents pay 350 Euro annually. From this money, the school fees are paid and the child receives annually school clothing, a subscription to the school canteen, a subscription to the school library and a school bag with school supplies. Children receive a new bike to school. The child’s parents are responsible to find a place to stay in town and to contribute to the maintenance of the child. DSF guides the youngsters and supports them with additional training and meetings.

Upon receipt of your contribution will receive a photograph of the child and an annual letter.