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WOL Foundation

wol foundation

Poverty, illiteracy and ignorance go hand in hand. Poor Countries have no money to set up a good education system. Without education, the population remain uneducated and ignorant. Ignorant people see no way of escaping from poverty. Poor people can not afford to send their children to school. They can not pay taxes. And governments of poor countries have no funds for basic services like education and health. Even when the government of a country supports the right of children to education and commits itself to free and compulsory education for all 6-16 year olds.

In Burkina Faso Development Association Sans Frontiere (DSF) are trying to do something. They alphabetize the parents to teach them the importance of education. They train parents to use the newly acquired academic skills for income generating activities. They assist parents to send their children to school. And they are committed to quality throughout the education system so that education is actually being used for development and poverty reduction.

WOL Foundation supports DSF and supports education in Burkina Faso. Do you want to support the WOL foundation ? Click below on one of our main projects and find out how you can help :

In the provincial capital Ouahigouya WOL and DSF are building a large education complex. Goal of the complex is to expand the regional educational facilities and improve the quality of education.
For most village kids in Burkina Faso elementary school is their final education. In the rural regions there is no vocational education, and parents are often too poor to pay for additional education for their kids. In the Student Adoption project these kids get a chance to continue their education or studies in the city and thus escape poverty.

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